Tuesday, November 25, 2008

.....Still Feeling Pukey

Pukey.....I'm not sure if that's even a word, I know what puke means and pukey rhymes with dookie so that's exactly how I feel, like pukey and dookie.

I understand that morning sickness is a blessing, I really do and they say its a sign of a healthy pregnancy.....( I think a man came up with that).....but please give me a break. It's lasting all day long now, I carry crackers with me, wherever I go. I think my T.V. screen makes me sick, my husband's socks make me want to vomit and one look at my son's smelly face and I could lose it. I know I sound horrible but I forgot that you could smell everything when you are pregnant....and I mean everything.

On top of all that, I used to love to eat and now nothing sounds good. My whole world is turning upside down. What will I do if I can't eat? Eating is my life....and now right before the Greatest Eating Holiday of the Year. I will find a way, I will make myself sick on turkey, mashed potatoes, GB casserole and pie and I found this great recipe for caramel punkin pie (that's right, I said punkin, thats how I say it, that's how I spell it.) When I get a chance, I will share the recipe, I promise.

Oh yeah.....I have recently acquired some kind of cold, it started somewhere in my face and moved down to my throat.....I wake up with a sore throat and I know that bugger is working to get down into my chest so I feel even more miserable for Thanksgiving.....and I'm pretty sure there is not much medicine I can take right now so I've been drowning myself in Orange Juice and if you knew what Orange Juice does to my insides, then you would know why I feel pukey.....oh the smell. It's a mean and viscious cycle.


Abbi said...

oh girl, that's rough! i know what you mean, you honestly can smell everything!
sorry that your getting sick! probably thinks to my little one! i'm sorry! hope you feel better!

AmyThompson said...

you poor thing! It will pass - it just seems like a life time before it does! and you're right you can smell everything - eww I remember cooking hamburger meat *gag* that smell....I found out real quick what tasted best coming back up (don't eat pizza or drink milk or eat any milk product...gaaarrrooosssss) PB&J isn't 'too' bad ;-)