Monday, December 1, 2008

Better late than never.

Lets talk Turkey.....or lack of Turkey....because thats what I had....No Turkey. My job on Thursday was to make the mashed potatoes, broccoli casserole, green bean casserole, rolls and prep the turkey's for frying. Thats right I said turkeys......count em up, 4 of them to be exact.

And I know Thanksgiving is all about coming together as a family, inviting strangers who have no where else to go and being grateful for all the wonderful blessings in your life. Well I am pregnant and yes I am ever so grateful about being in "this condition" but at the same time, wow! I should have thought this through.....who wants morning, afternoon and evening sickness on Thanksgiving. So amidst the frying of turkeys, cooking of food and all these random strangers eating with their mouths open and slurping and burping and chomping.....I lost my appetite. I did however manage to force a roll and a slice of punkin pie down my throat before it all came back up somewhere around 9 p.m. Lucky me, I should have eaten something that was more enjoyable.....that way tasting it twice wouldn't have been so bad.

This head cold that my wonderful husband gave me, is still lingering around too.....I am too scared to take any medicine since I am still so early in my pregnancy. If I still feel horrible tomorrow, I will probably call my Doc and see what he says.

I was feeling pretty puny Friday afternoon so my wonderful husband decided to drag me out to Jacksonville so I could get my Christmas tree decorations. I found everything I was looking for at Garden Ridge....and thank goodness for that, I was about to pass out shortly after we left that store.

Saturday sometime in the afternoon, I mustered up the energy to set the tree up and it turned out beautiful.....I need a tree skirt still and a few other items but all in all, I think it turned out just how I imagined it. I was exhausted afterwards though so of course I took a long and wonderful nap on the couch, I am thinking about just permanently sleeping in the living room.

Well that pretty much wraps up our Thanksgiving weekend. I was sick.....end of story. Here are a few pictures that I managed to snap. I hope everyone else's holiday was a little bit better than mine......God Bless!!!

Here is Brad.....with the infamous make me wanna puke Turkey Fryer's
Here's William....doing what he does best, avoiding crowds by riding his bike, smart, smart boy.
Seriously.....does it look like I want my picture taken? Get the camera out of my face before I puke on your shoes.....those were my exact joke. Last but not least, our Christmas tree.....I just love it. Those are feathers by the way.....kinda looks like I got dead animals hanging in my tree....oh well. I like it.


Abbi said...

i'm sooo sorry you felt so bad! all of that food!!!
your tree is cute! i like it!!

AmyT said...

so sorry you're still feeling the tree! btw..I think you can take any kind of tylenol project...maybe take just one though..try the tylenol cold.