Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hearing the Heartbeat

Finally, Dec 10th arrives....I have had this appointment for 4 weeks now. We have been so anxious and excited to see and hear our Baby and his/her hearbeat. It was awesome, well, it would have been a lot better. I think our sonogram technician was having a rough day because she was a bit rude and very quick with her services, but I won't hold that against, everyone has their reasons to be grumpy. Anyways, we walked into the office and sat down for a whole 5 minutes and she called us back, I never expected that we were going to do the sonogram 1st. We walked into this pretty dark room and I laid back and the lady squirted the warm jelly stuff on my belly and there it was, our gummy bear. I thought we were 10 weeks pregnant, looks like I was a bit off.....I'm only almost 9 weeks, so a little set back but thats ok. We got to hear the heartbeat very briefly, 180 thats fast. Brad was amazed, he was like, "what, thats his heartbeat?" He was in awe of it all. She managed to snap a pic and throw me an oversized napkin before kicking me out. I will let her slide this time but next time, I won't play so nice. So without further is our "gummy bear".

After the sonogram we headed to an office, where they asked me a hundred questions about my health and history and then they stole my blood like vampires and weighed me.....I lost a couple of lbs......thanks to the nausea and vomitting. After all that we had to meet with the Doctor for the full body exam and my pap. He was down there for some time..."checking things out" .....I asked him if he was digging for gold and he said, "uh yeah, kinda." Turns out that I got some issues going on down there. He found a cyst of some kind on my cervix and he wants to schedule a colposcopy.....or something like that. He was hesitant on saying "cancer" but he wanted to be better safe than sorry. Most likely its a cyst or a fibroid, if its just a cyst, he wants to remove it, if it turns out to be a fribroid, then that puppy stays and could end up clogging my cervix which would lead to a c-section. So not the best of news but not the worst of news either. I know God is taking care of me and I have faith that this will all work out. I go back to the Doc in a few weeks to have the procedure, so I am just going to try and stay calm and hope for the best.

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AmyT said...

being pregnant is the most amazing thing every!! that is so sweet - hearing the heartbeat! I sure hope everything turns out ok with the'll be in my prayers