Thursday, March 19, 2009


We all know that I have been guys let me slip up once again. I told yall to help me out when you see me failing.

So lets just do a quick catch up because this computer chair hurts my back and I just want to eat and lay down.....or lay down while eating.

On the 4th of March, we went to the Dr. and they told us that its definitely a GIRL!!!! Yay, we are so excited. Brad is a bit nervous, he had this strange look come across his face and I asked him what was wrong and he said......"I'm gonna have to buy her a wedding dress and give her away." How sweet is he?!? Already the worrier....he will have gray hairs with a quickness. Anyways, here is a pic of our sweet baby girl......already kicking up a storm and getting into trouble.

That following weekend, we thought we would go out and celebrate out great news so we headed to Orlando and went to Sea World. We had the best time, the weather was perfect, we were able to catch all the shows and Brad and William were able to ride everything that they wanted. It was a picture perfect day......see for yourself.......

Other than that, all we have been doing is hanging outside and enjoying this wonderful weather. We have finally finished our flower beds....that was back breaking work......I'm never doing that again....while pregnant anyways and we started our garden. We got tons of corn, squash, onions, potato and tomato plants already. I need to head to the store to get some peppers and eggplants. That should put us in veggie heaven for the summer. I will def get some pictures once everything starts growing and coming up.
Just like my last post, I will sit here and type that I will be a better blogger but I seriously doubt look for my next post in about a month!!!

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Abbi said...

i'm sooo excited it's girl!! yeppy!

sea world pics are cute!! you look adorable prego....i love it!

glad you joined the blog world again...missed ya!