Wednesday, April 1, 2009

6 Month Doctor Appt....

We had our 6 month checkup today and our little bundle of joy is doing great. Sassy and stronger than ever. Her heartbeat is a loud 145 bpm, she is absolutely happy and healthy.

I also had my glucose test thingy today....I failed. So I gotta go back to the 3 hour test sometime next week, not looking forward to that, becuase that junk tast like crap. I thought I was gonna puke. I know that I'm fine and I know that I don't have gestational diabetes but better safe than sorry.

Other than the Dr. appt and all this rain, not much else is going on. We are hosting our Sunday School party here on Saturday night so I will def have pics of that night, with more stuff to talk about.

So there's my update, nothing fancy, just the facts. Have a great week.....try and stay dry!


AmyT said...

yea!! yuck you failed that - I had to do that with Brylee - uggghhhhh boring!!!!!!!!! and no fun getting stuck that many times!!!!

Abbi said...

yuck! i hated that stuff too, and it almost made me upchuck!!!
sorry you have to go for the long one! hope all turns out well!

i'm excited about our party!! it's goin to be fun!

Hollie said...

okay, call me weird, but i thought that stuff tasted good!!! what flavor did you get? the orange is delicious. it tasted like really sweet kool-aid.

I bet you'll pass next time!