Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rain, Rain....you're a pain in my butt!!

In my last post I said I would have pics of our Sunday School Party...well it was cancelled. Our driveway was under water and so was our back yard. Now if it was a swimming party or a mud wrestling party, we could have accomodated everyone.
So these past few days, when it wasn't raining, was spent outside, digging ditches, trying to save the garden, purging water out of the flower beds and trying to keep the house clean from messy, muddy husband, child and dog. Its been a rough week. Hopefully the rain will ease up becasue everything is still so soggy. I appreciate the rain but last week was way too much.
Thankfully, our house is built up enough that no rain came near the house.
This is the front yard, I planted all my wildflowers on the left side...I'm not sure there gonna make it.

Our driveway.....you seriously need 4 wheel drive to go down it. Its not as fun as you would think.

This is a picture of the backyard and garden, luckily it was built up higher too or my veggies would be ruined....although, my cabbage isn't looking to happy these days.

But the rain does make for pretty flowers.......something good has to come out of all this.

Well I hope you enjoyed my pics and the hardwork that has gone into keeping our heads above water. I hope everyone has a great rest of the week.

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Abbi said...

oh dang....i new it was bad, but it's SUPER bad!!!
you do have pretty flowers though!!