Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend....

We had an absolutely wonderful Easter weekend. Saturday, my closest girlfriends took me out to the Alhambra for my birthday to watch the show, "Footloose" I have always loved the movie so I knew I would enjoy the show. I wished I would have snapped some pics but I didn't. I seriously gotta get better at this bloggin/picture taking thing.

Sunday we were up and at em' early. We had to be at church for Sunrise Service at 8:30 and because I also wanted breaskfast which was served shortly after. It was yummy.....the sausage was a bit disturbing but tasted great as long as you didn't really look at it...a whole lot. After breaskfast the kiddo's had a quick Egg hunt and William I think had just about every egg in his basket. We then went to Sunday School and off to church. After church we headed home because we were hosting Easter at our house. I made all kinds of side dishes and my mother in law baked the ham. Everything turned out wonderful. We hid more eggs and everyone took turn finding them. It was also my birthday that day and my mother in law got me some great gifts for me to take to the hospital when the baby gets here. I can always count on her to think of things I might need in the future. Now of course I didn't take any pics of the people that were here....I know, I know, I'm a dum-dum but I did manage to snap a few after everyone left.

It was a great Easter, we couldn't have asked for a better day to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ with our family and friends. I hope next year brings just as many great and wonderful memories. Have a great week.


AmyT said...

cute pics...you look wonderful!

AmyT said...

In the pic...the kiddos are planning one of those little fishing games - they have little fishing poles with magnets on them...the games spins and they are catching them :-)